AN Storage Facility Concrete Remediation & Coating

The Ammonium Nitrate (AN) Storage Bunkers and 30t Hopper have experienced degradation of the concrete slabs and walls caused by an adverse chemical reaction between the Ammonium Nitrate and the concrete. This has affected approximately 40% of the concrete floors and a small portion of the walls, exposing the top layer of concrete in the […]

ANZAC Class Naval Fleet Maintenance

Repair and maintenance works to the ANZAC Class naval fleet based at Garden Island. Abrasive and UHP water blasting and preservation, removal and replacement of external coatings under the missile defence program.

Boddington Gold Mine

Civil & Concrete Works for Flotation & Leaching areas – Rougher Scavenger Floating: Construction of foundation and pedestals to carry precast concrete cells 55T each, sumps, ground slabs and retaining walls, Concrete Thickener 75M Diameter: Construction works including bulk excavation to lay foundations for reclaim chamber and tunnel, installation of precast tunnel sections, bulk fill […]

Cawse Nickel Acid Bund Upgrade

Removal and reinstallation of acid proof linings to the sulphuric acid loading facility and process thank facilities. Stripping of flexible linings from steel process tanks and installation of acid and abrasion protective linings.

CBH Albany Grain Silo Repairs

Centrals have been contracted to perform extensive concrete repairs to the 10,000T grain storage silos located at CBH’s Albany Port Facility. The scope of works includes hydro-demolition, reinforcing steel repair/preparation, guncrete reinstatement and the application of protective coatings to more than 10,000m2 of surface across the walls of the ten concrete silos. Particular attention has been applied […]