Integrated Management

Centrals operates in accordance with our integrated management system (IMS) which is accredited by SGS to ISO 9001 (Quality), AS/NZS 4801 (Safety) and ISO 14000 (Environment).

We are proud of our excellent track record in relation to health, safety and the environment, and are fully committed to continuous improvement throughout all levels of our organisation. Our mature systems instil a workplace culture which reflects our vision of industry leading quality and world class health, safety and environmental standards.


Our quality system comprises of a Quality Policy, Integrated Management System Manual and Corporate Procedures as well as a comprehensive suite of template forms, checklists, registers and other documents.

Recognising the unique aspects of every project, a project specific quality management plan is developed to clearly document the quality requirements in accordance with the drawings, specifications and standards. This will incorporate Inspection and Test Plans for each relevant component of the scope of work to ensure verification of conformance to the required standard or specification.


Centrals have incorporated a number of key environment elements into our project delivery strategy including:

  • Protection of the natural environment via elimination or minimisation of pollution sources.
  • Reduction of waste by adopting the principles of substitution, reduction, recycle or re-use.
  • Implementation of training, monitoring and reporting systems to ensure compliance with legislative and project specific requirements.

We ensure that an effective and thorough environmental management system is implemented on every project in accordance with the Centrals Environmental Management Policy and System in accordance with ISO 14001.

Safety Management

SafeBase is the brand that encompasses Centrals’ safety policy, management, training and culture. It includes procedures and tools to develop and maintain best practice and continuous improvement.
Our commitment to the health and safety of all our employees and subcontractors is unwavering SafeBase represents the very foundation of our business and our vision of an incident free workplace.