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Gorgon CO2 Injection Pipeline

Project Overview

Client - KT Pipeline Pty Ltd

Location - Perth & Barrow Island, WA

Duration - 10 months

Completion - May 2013

Value - $9M

Concrete - 1,050m3

Earthworks - 45,000m3 cut and 40,000m3 crushed

Personnel on Site - 32

Manhours - 58,000

The Gorgon CO2 Injection Pipeline Project consists of installation of a 7.3km underground DN300 pipeline for injection of dense phase CO2. The works include site preparation and installation of well cellars at three CO2 injection well sites and a further two monitoring sites, and installation of electrical, communications cables, foundations, civil works and other associated facilities.

Centrals has been subcontracted by KTs to undertake the precast concrete construction works in Perth and earthworks, site preparations & civil works on Barrow Island. The scope of works are summarised as follows:

Precast Concrete Supply Project (Perth):

  • Precast facility setup & operation
  • Precast construction of 27 No. Well Cellar foundations (50t each)
  • Precast construction of 200 No. Pipe Protection slabs
  • Precast construction of 3 No. Pig Receiver foundations
  • Precast construction of Pipe Support footings
  • Other miscellaneous concrete elements as required
  • Heavy lift & transportation of precast elements.

Earthworks & Civil Project (Barrow Island):

  • Mobilisation including quarantine & logistics
  • Well site earthworks & preparation including clear & grading, earthworks, drainage including box & pipe culvets & pavement construction
  • Installation of well cellars, pig receiver & other miscellaneous precast elements
  • Grouting & misc finishing works
  • Various in-situ concrete constructions i.e. anchor block & retaining walls.

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