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Jimblebar Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility

Project Overview

Client - VDM Group

Location - Newman, WA

Duration - 9 months

Completion - March 2013

Value - $6.5M

Concrete - 1,200m3

Earthworks - Excavate 2,530m3, Fill 6,000m3

Personnel on Site - 27

Manhours - 36,660

Centrals were subcontracted to perform the Civil Earthworks and Concrete works to the Jimblebar Ammonium Nitrate Storage Building, HE Detonator & Magazine Facility, Diesel / Emulsion Storage Facility, and Transportable Offices which includes;

  • Set up Pre-cast concrete fabrication area.
  • On site manufacturer & installation of precast tilt up wall panels for multi-levelled AN Building.
  • Construction of all in-situ in-ground Footings, Tank Ring Beams and Slabs.
  • Bulk Earthworks around the AN Building & to the HE Magazine Earthmounds.
  • Detailed Earthworks to all Concrete Works including foundation preparation.
  • Construction of Diesel / Emulsion Containment Ponds.

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