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MC254 Drainage Improvements Project

Project Overview

Client - BHP Billiton

Location - Mining Area C, Newman WA

Duration - 6 months

Completion - September 2018

Value - $1M

Personnel on Site - 10-15

Manhours - 3,670

Centrals were engaged by BHP, to design, supply, construct and commission a water drainage improvement system to the tail end of Conveyor MC245, which included a new Drive-in Siltation Sump, Sump Pit and Slurry Pump.

The installation of a new siltation sump pit and pump and surrounding concrete slabs was intended to capture the wash down water and slurry and pump it to a local evaporation pond located southeast of MC254.

The detailed design included areas of design for; Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical and instrumentation.

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