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Shut Crib Room Facility

Project Overview

Client - BHP Billiton

Location - Mining Area C, Newman WA

Duration - 8 months

Completion - November 2016

Value - $1M

Personnel on Site - 20

Manhours - 4,106

Centrals were contracted to complete construction of a new Shut Crib Room Facility at the existing Mining Area C OHP Offices. Inclusive of all civil (earthworks, concrete and survey), mechanical and electrical, complexing and commissioning works.

The Shut Crib Room Facility consisted of:

  • Portable Building (14.2m x 8.4m) 2 off
  • Verandah on the Northern side of the building 2 off
  • New footpaths and drainage
  • New Bus Slip Lane and Park Up
  • Ice Room 2 off
  • Handrail around existing and new footpaths
  • New Bag storage Area
  • Connection to existing sewers
  • Connection to existing water
  • Connection to nominated power distribution board

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